Filming and Photographing

Filming and photographing the V&T
For more information on filming the historic Virginia Truckee railroad,
please contact Tom Gray at 775 847-0380 or email at
State of Nevada Film Office Website




People & Props

Scenery & Action

— Operating 14 mile railroad that replicates 1880 to 1935 railroad equipment in mountain West desert setting, including two operating steam locomotives, four passenger cars and freight equipment.

— Two diesel locomotives and work cars available to facilitate equipment and cast/ crew movement

— 1860s- period clerestory interior coach – Used for “Dead Man” (1995) (Depp/Farmer/Molina)

— Rock cut

— Over 11 miles of mountainside track

— Rock tunnel

— Unobstructed four mile run around the natural amphitheater of American Flat

— Airspace clear of modern obstructions all the way to ground level. No trackside power lines.

— Sight lines terminate in hills, valley views, and undisturbed terrain without modern buildings, roads or vehicles

— Surrounding terrain ridge lines are clear and distinct – permits high-quality sky replacements at 4K resolution

— ½ mile dirt chase road near north end of line

— Restored 1870 Gold Hill Depot clear of modern equipment or structures within 200 feet with solar 10 O’clock illumination (summer) and shaded by mountains in afternoon

— 200A electric mains service in railroad yard

— Only 30 minutes from Reno/Tahoe International Airport and Reno hotels

— 3-ton lighting and grip available locally. Industry-experienced catering, utility cranes, Source 4s, lighting truss, tents, motor homes, quiet generators and transportation services available locally

Film on location at the Gold Hill Depot